Calendar of Events 2018

Welcome to the 2018 Calendar of Events. These events are of course subject to change so please check back frequently. You will find links here to contest summaries as we receive them as well as any draws for our events.

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+ 20 January | Vale of Atholl Junior Solo Competition

General Information
Start Time:09:30
Location:Pitlochry High School
Post Code:PH16 5ET
Map Link:Google Map
Contest Information
Link to Entry Form:Entry Form
Grades:Several solo piping and drumming
Closing Date:10th January 18
Link to Draw:Click for Draw
Contest Secretary:Gillie McNab
 Ballachraggan, Tulliemet, Pitlochry. PH9 0PB
Other relevant information
Contest Summaries
Drum Majors:Not Applicable
Bands:Not Applicable

Branch Dates

20 January 18Vale of Atholl Junior Solos
24 February 18MacKenzie Caledonian
 Junior Solos
04 February 18Branch Meeting
11 March 18Branch Meeting
10 March 18Kingdom Thistle Solos
21 April 18Mini Bands and Trios
28 April 18Strathmore Solos
29 April 18Branch Meeting
13 May 18Dundee
20 May 18British Championships
03 June 18Markinch
16 June 18UK Championships
10 June 18Strathmore
23 June 18Lochore
30 June 18European Championships
28 July 18Scottish Championships
10 August 18World Championships
11 August 18World Championships
12 August 18Perth
08 September 18Pitlochry
20 October 18World Solo Drumming
07 October 18Branch Meeting
04 November 18Annual General Meeting
02 December 18Branch Meeting

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For all competition entries and registrations please contact branch secretary Gary Mair

Telephone:0771 7758 778

For all website news items and updates please also contact branch secretary using the details above

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