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Total Number of Drum Majors:20

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Drum Major Contest Date / 2018 No of Drum Major
Aidan Ryan Scots PGC College - Australia 1
Andy Lyon Royal Burgh of Stirling 2
Becky Cox Troon Blackrock 1
Beth Jane Anne Turner Stonehouse 1
Dave Cubberly Prince Charles - USA 2
Dennis Ducsik Worchester Kiltie 1
Eve Llewellyn Camelon and District 2
Geertjan van Rooij Balagan - Denmark 2
Graham Wilson Grampian Police 1
Kenny Forbes Vale of Atholl 1
LCPL Benjamin Casey Royal Victoria Regiment 1
Leah Harrower-Cassells Royal Burgh of Strling 1
Michael Binder Stockbridge 3
Miriam Van Rooij Belgian Blend - Belgium 1
Mohammed Khamis Ahmed Al Amri Royal Army of Oman - Oman 3
Nadar Jebibly 1
Nadir Jamaan Khamis Jabali Royal Army of Oman 1
Rowan Murdoch Denny and Dunipace Gleneagles 1
Saif Nasser Sulaiman Al Sulaimi Royal Army of Oman - Oman 2
Thomas Richard Lorenzen Police Scotland Fife 2

Branch Dates

18 January 20Vale of Atholl Junior Solos
02 February 20Branch Meeting
29 February 20MacKenzie Caledonian
 Junior Solos
14 March 20RSPBA HQ AGM
15 March 20Branch Meeting
28 March 20For Info - L&B Solos
04 April 20Kingdom Thistle Solos
 incl WSD Qualifer
18 April 20Dundee Full & Mini Band
 and Trios
26 April 20Branch Meeting
17 May 20Dundee
23 May 20British Championships
07 June 20Markinch
13 June 20UK Championships
14 June 20Strathmore
20 June 20Lochore
27 June 20European Championships
04 July 20Thornton
25 July 20Scottish Championships
09 August 20Perth
14 August 20World Championships
15 August 20World Championships
04 October 20Branch Meeting
24 October 20World Solo Drumming
24 October 20Intl Tenor Drumming
01 November 20Annual General Meeting
13 December 20Branch Meeting

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