Online Fees and Contest Entries

2019 Annual Branch Fees:

  • Branch fees are now due for the 2019 season
  • Band dues unpaid for 2017 and 2018 will also be collected with entry for 2019 contests


  • Bands will automatically be entered into the event corresponding to their actual Grade i.e. Juvenile bands entering an event where no Juvenile Grade is available will play in Grade 3
  • Bands are permitted to play up 1 grade at all our events
  • Entries after the closure date below will be accepted at the Branch Committee’s discretion and will play first
  • All entries to all grades for all bands are £10.00
  • * - depending upon entries received, the organisers reserve the right to classify Grade 1 competition as an 'Open' contest.
  • Bands Entering Perth - A bus parking fee of £50.00 per bus will apply at Perth Highland Games. As bus parking will be within the Games perimeter, there will be no additional Games entry charges to anyone arriving by bus.

Events Grades and Playing Requirements 2019:

Nov A / 4A
Nov B / 4B
20 April
Indoor Trios
12 April Click Here
March, Sthrathspey and Reel
20 April
Indoor Mini Band
12 April Click Here MSR* Medley MSR MSR Prescribed MSR:
1x4-parted March or 2x2-parted Marches

1x4-parted Strathspey or 2x2-parted Strathspey

1x4-parted Reel or 2x2-parted reel

All tunes to be from RSPBA list of prescribed tunes.
Prescribed Marches:
4x2-parted Marches

All tunes to be from RSPBA list of prescribed tunes.
20 April
Indoor Full Band
12 April Click Here MSR Medley MSR MSR
12 May
Dundee City
26 April Click Here MSR Medley MSR MSR
02 June
19 May Click Here Medley MSR Medley Medley
09 June
25 May Click Here Medley MSR Medley Medley
09 June
Strathmore Quartets
25 May Click Here
Open to All Grades
Own Choice Medley of 3 to 7 minutes
22 June
31 May Click Here MSR Medley MSR Medley
06 July
28 June Click Here N/A N/A Medley Medley
11 August
26 July Click Here Medley


Optional G1/G2 MSR


Optional G1/G2 MSR

Contest Discipline:
By proceeding you agree to the "Discipline at Championships and Contests" rules which include:

  • Bands, when asked, will be required to play for Drum Majors Contests. Failure to comply will result in disqualification
  • All bands will remain in position on the park until completion of prize giving unless previous permission is granted

Branch Contests

19 January 19Vale of Atholl Junior Solos
03 February 19Branch Meeting
23 February 19MacKenzie Caledonian
 Junior Solos
09 March 19RSPBA HQ AGM
10 March 19Branch Meeting
13 April 19Kingdom Thistle Solos
 incl WSD Qualifer
20 April 19Dundee Full & Mini Band
 and Trios
27 April 19Strathmore Solos
28 April 19Branch Meeting
12 May 19Dundee
18 May 19British Championships
02 June 19Markinch
09 June 19Strathmore
15 June 19UK Championships
22 June 19Lochore
29 June 19European Championships
27 July 19Scottish Championships
06 July 19Thornton - CANCELLED
11 August 19Perth
16 August 19World Championships
17 August 19World Championships
28 September 19Brechin Solos
06 October 19Branch Meeting
19 October 19World Solo Drumming
03 November 19Annual General Meeting
08 December 19Branch Meeting

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For all competition entries and registrations please contact branch secretary Gary Mair

Telephone:0771 7758 778

For all website news items and updates please also contact branch secretary using the details above

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